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Thursday, July 20, 2006 | Re: “Chargers Set Meetings as National City Mulls Push“. It’s interesting. The National City proposal for the Chargers’ new stadium makes even LESS sense than the Qualcomm site.

At least at Qualcomm, there was the POTENTIAL that the proposal might pencil out, with the ancillary development of the rest of the site. Not so with the much smaller National City site. Qualcomm had 166 acres, while National City has only 40 usable acres of the 52 acre site.

Even more striking is the Chargers’ decision to downsize the stadium itself – the Qualcomm proposal had the stadium sited on 40 acres of land, with approximately 25 more acres devoted to parking.

Now, the Chargers say that they only need 30 acres for the stadium itself, with the other 10 presumably available for parking.

The Chargers were going to use approximately 70 acres of the rest of the Qualcomm site – land that they wanted the city of San Diego to give to them – to build the ancillary development needed to pay for the new stadium.

One wonders, where will the ancillary development for the National City stadium come from?

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