Monday, July 24, 2006 | The Environmental Impact Report on the Regents Road Bridge is complete and it states that the bridge would NOT significantly conflict with the environmental goals, objectives, and recommendations of the city of San Diego. Yet a small group of well organized individuals are still attempting to kill the plan for a bridge to connect the ends of Regents Road in University City. They are trying to obscure their true motives by shouting that the bridge would destroy the pristine ecological wilderness of Rose Canyon. This canyon in fact is not a pristine wilderness, two railroad tracks which carry numerous trains each day run through the canyon, as well as power lines, major sewer lines and a utility road. The opponents’ true motives are that they want to preserve West University City as their own private cul-de-sac.

University City needs the Regents Road Bridge as an alternate route to Genesee Avenue. The San Diego Fire Department agrees and so does anyone who travels in and through this community at rush hour. This connector has been in the community plan for 40 years. The money has been set aside for it. The only reason not to build it is that it would be near someone’s back fence. That is not a good reason.

I am confident that the San Diego City Council will do what is best for the city as whole and not bow to the wishes of a group of selfish NIMBYS.

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