Monday, July 24, 2006 | Re: “Erasing Corruptions Appearance.” While Gil makes several valid points, there is yet more to go as it is not just the “appearance” of corruption that San Diegans are upset about, it’s the reality. The reality is that (with the past administration) though any developer, businessperson, chamber member, etc. had full “access” to our elected officials, the individual citizen and even planning board members, did not. The ‘balance of democracy’ in San Diego has long been overdue.

The proposal was at least, a start. Perhaps the best real start is for the new mayor and Council (some) to mandatorily “re-appoint” the Ethics Commission members, if they can’t start out with a “no-brainer” like this proposal. Otherwise, it’s their “reputations” that will be scrutinized, as well.

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