After blogger Ben Jones posted Will Carless‘ story on TheHousingBubbleBlog this morning, the post has received nearly 50 comments. Many of them are from readers who’d like a chance to name the phenomenon that will see condominiums that were converted from apartment buildings “reconverted” into apartments for rent.

In his story, Will shared a few suggestions he’d come across as he researched the story: “condo conversion-conversions, condo reversions and even apartment conversions.”

But the readers on the blog didn’t stop there:

From one reader: “con-partments” or “conversion reversions.”

From another: “flopartments.”

One commenter referenced author Philip K. Dick’s term for the phenomenon in his novels and short stories: “conapts.”

Another suggested “repartments.”

One person had this to say:

I like [another poster’s] “conpartments” above, but how about something less likely to incite lawsuits for slander or libel: compartments? The word already exists, and defines these miserable spaces well.

Another, perhaps slightly more pessimistic take on the phenomenon: “How about ‘can’tominiums’ or ‘condon’tminiums’?”

In the interest of succinctness, one person suggested “con-cons.”

Finally, lending some terminality to the whole thing, one reader suggested, “eternal resting place.”


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