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Tuesday, July 25, 2006 | I have long opposed this stupid use of taxpayer funds. Even if the library is paid for by private donations the loss of revenue opportunity from the prime real estate is enormous. Add to that the cost of on going maintenance and employees. Do the downtown high rise dwellers and tourists really need this fancy monument? Will they use it? I think if the real purpose was to support the people in need of library services it would not be at this location.

Given the rapid change in technology and the way we obtain information this approach is outdated!

I would suggest smaller satellite locations with computers available for gathering information and ordering books. The requested books could be sent overnight to the user’s home from a central warehouse and could be returned at the satellite location or by mail. This would be more accessible to those in need and much easier to retrofit as technology changes.

My ideas and concerns were addressed to Mayor Murphy and some of the former council. They said I was a “naysayer”

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