An unknown amount of sewage has been spilling into Mission Bay near De Anza RV trailer park since July 5, the county announced today.

The county just released the following statement:

The spill, which was caused by a blockage of a private sewer line at the RV trailer park, is believed to have started on July 5th. It is unknown if the management company responsible for this sewer line has cleared the blockage or if the spill is on-going. The sewage flowed into the storm drain system at the RV trailer park which empties into Mission Bay. DEH has issued a water contact closure for all recreation areas in east Mission Bay. Routine weekly monitoring by DEH of water quality in Mission Bay indicated bacterial levels exceeding state standards at multiple locations in east Mission Bay on July 5th. These results became available on July 6th. DEH issued advisories for water contact at multiple east Mission Bay locations on July 6th and July 18th based upon the bacterial exceedances in routine monitoring. Signs warning of sewage contaminated water will remain in place until field measurements indicate the bay water is safe for recreational use.

Please check back for more.


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