Thursday, July 27, 2006 | I remember this story from ’99, and the biggest stumbling block from a technical perspective then was the chance that viruses may mutate successfully in ways that would make them able to permeate the filter barriers proposed by those who advocate this plan.

This may, in future, endanger public health in the form of a suddenly devastating epidemic.

While that may be overstating a scenario, it’s the kind of chance we don’t need to take because other means exist to create useable water using the sun, nuclear power or large scale evaporation and reclamation.

Though the city is in thrall to developers who use it as a kind of sandbox in which to endlessly build and reap vast profits, San Diego does not need to have its future (or even the developers’) endangered for a plan that has some leaks in it. If water is going to be reclaimed, we ought to do at least as good a job as Mother Nature does, or simply drink more wine while back at the drawing board.

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