OK what’s the deal? Council President Scott Peters announced at his weekly briefing last week that the $20 million Kroll report – the delay and cost of which has captured the city’s attention – will be delivered to the city Aug. 7 or Aug. 8.

But the Union-Tribune hasn’t written a story about that announcement.

It’s a big deal. The mayor and city attorney have accused Kroll of holding the city hostage. The U-T has written numerous stories and editorials about the report and its delay. One of the paper’s editorial writers accused the mayor of having a “conniption fit” over the report’s delay.

Yet now Peters relays a commitment from Kroll to have the report by a firm date: Aug. 8. And the U-T doesn’t report it at all.

Strange. That’s all. You’d think the announcement would be music to the ear’s of the U-T editorial board. This is, by the newspaper’s own account, the biggest story in the city right now. Yet we have a big announcement about its possible resolution and the newspaper stays completely silent for now four days. Not even a brief from the news side.

Again, it’s just weird. Do they know something we don’t?


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