Monday, July 31, 2006 | Re: “Chamber Backs Miramar Over Qualcomm Objections” Well it’s obvious that the combination of chamber knowledge and the authority’s study of airport futures did not anticipate the Qualcomm representative’s message. They should have been prepared for it with an answer, not a silly remark about voting in person. It’s too bad that the authority didn’t run into this potential for objection and consider the ramifications during their multi-year, multi-million tax dollar study. I guess you can’t blame those folks. They’re probably just as unsure of what some of the real problems might be in the first place. The folly of their final down select procedure said it all. Now, they’re startled that a real business might need to relocate – for real business reasons. But, it’s just like all the residents in homes and health care facilities or drivers who will be using I-15 will need to do – relocate. And, maybe say bye-bye SD too. Luckily for them we’re not going to vote on anything final. They’ve got many more years of studying (and job security) before that would be a real possibility.

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