Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2006 | Today the SW swell continues but will be on its way out by Wednesday. As the SW fades towards week’s end, some NW wind swell will build along the coast. Some minor blips of southern hemi swell are on the charts with the best bet right now of some semi-sizable surf hitting on the 18th.

Right now, the California Buoy is checking in at 4 feet with 17-second periods. Closer to the coast, the Half Moon Bay buoy is at 4 feet with 17-second periods and Cape San Martin buoy is at 4 feet with 16-second periods.

Overall, the swell energy in the water shows southerly periods averaging 15-17 seconds from 195 degrees and NW periods running 4-8 seconds from 325+ degrees.

The long-period nature of the SW swell that remains in the water today will once again generate some dissimilarity in size between south facing breaks of varying bathymetry. Breaks with steeper bathymetry that shoal well and refract the southern energy well will see bigger sets than the slower, longboard breaks.

Additionally, these long periods can produce some deceiving lulls at times; many waves may look surfable, while every now and then sets could roll through that produce waves far greater in size. This, and the increased risk of riptides are hazards to be aware of as this SW swell continues, especially at direct south facing beach breaks, and especially during the outgoing tides. Caution and steady observation before making a decision on a paddle-out is advised – when in doubt, just stay out.

In SoCal, wave heights are running a steady shoulder to head high+ at most south facing breaks with pluses running a couple feet overhead at standout south facing spots. West facing breaks are running chest high +.

Northern California and the Central Coast are seeing chest to high + sets at most south facing breaks, waist to chest high around west facing spots.

The tide is still swinging slightly over 7 feet in the evening around some locations with noticeable negative lows showing up for dawn patrol sessions. This spring tide will tend to…[more]

Water temperatures have cooled a little more in some areas over the past 48 hours and are averaging 70 degrees in San Diego, 66 in Orange County, 69 in LA, 68 in Ventura County, 66 in Santa Barbara, 62 along the central coast, and 58 degrees in NCal. Note that temps may still cool more by…[more]

Winds as of 6 this morning were light and variable most everywhere with a light offshore element. Afternoon onshores are expected to reach 12-15 mph. Wednesday should see similar conditions with possibly a bit more offshore flow in the morning. But then…[more]

Wind swell by weekend…[more]

Southerly swell for 18th…[more]

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