The following 53 individuals declined to be interviewed by the Kroll audit committee over the course of its investigation:

Bill Baber, Bob Blum, Ann Burr, Gary Caporicci, John Casey, Loraine Chapin, Joe Craver, David Crow, Keith Emerson, Patricia Frazier, William Mark Gammon, Ray Garnica, Cruz Gonzalez, Larry Green, Lawrence Grissom, Casey Gwinn, Elmer Heap, Bruce Herring, Constance Hiatt, David Hicks, Judie Italiano, Sheila Jacobs, Christine Kehoe, Daniel Kelley, Patrick Lane, Jeffrey Leavitt, Cathy Lexin, Harry Mathis, Doug McCalla, Michael McGhee, David McKinley, Steve Meyer, Roxanne Parks, Ann Parode, Holly Reed-Falk, Thomas Rhodes, Michael Rivo, Richard Roeder, Ed Ryan, Ronald Saathoff, Doug Sain, Thomas Saiz, Kelly Salt, Corrine Smith, Valerie Stallings, Jean Stuiksma, John Torres, Mike Uberuaga, Jeff Van Deerlin, Mary Vattimo, Anthony Wagner, Terri Webster and Sharon Wilkinson.

The list of those who were are were not interviewed is found here in Appendix D of the 266-page report.


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