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Thursday Aug. 10, 2006 | Shneour’s rosy story of the supposed bright promise overlooks the unpleasant other facts of the nuclear power story.

Nuclear power is the “golden goose which fouls its own nest.” The author overlooks the billions of dollars necessary to mine, processes, transport, use, and ultimately dispose of radioactive materials. The author ignores the increased concerns associated with this industry.

The relationship between the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the industry it regulates is incestuous. The NRC places a shroud of secrecy over much of what goes on within nuclear power plants and does not disclose radiation leaks it determines for itself would not harm the public. It opposes full disclosure lest the extent of problems within the industry undermine public confidence in the industry.

And, that does not even begin to address the secrecy surrounding the nuclear power generated by the US Navy aboard its submarines and carriers in San Diego Bay.

Whether it is the US Navy or the NRC overseeing nuclear reactors, both have a history of suppression of information about accidents until they are reported in the press. Both suppress information about accidents yet seek to have us accept on faith that their stewardship of it is beyond reproach.

Until there is a change in this culture of suppression of information about accidents, it is inconceivable that citizens of our democracy can have an enlightened discussion about the real value and cost of nuclear power.

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