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A note from the manager of Café San Diego: I don’t mean to interrupt Don Wood’s day discussing the Navy Broadway Complex, but Council President Scott Peters has asked for a clarification to a post yesterday by Serge Dedina.

Serge blasted Peters for all the beach cleaning that goes on in La Jolla, saying city funds could be used for different needs.

Pam Hardy, Peters’ spokeswoman, called to remind readers that the beach cleaning at La Jolla Shores is performed by city workers at city expense – but it’s done more often at La Jolla than at other beaches because private citizens pay for extra services.

City funds are used to rake beaches once every 10 to 14 days, Hardy said. The private fund pays for an additional raking per week in La Jolla.

Asked who pays for this extra beach cleaning at La Jolla, Hardy said she wanted to protect their confidentiality.

The people who have donated to this private fund would like to remain anonymous for now, which I completely understand.

This seems to bring up more questions than it answers. E-mail me at if you have any more clarity to add on the mystery beach-cleaning fund.


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