Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2006 | In regard to Tom Shanahan’s column “We’re America’s Smartest Sports Fans,” I must take exception. How many sports franchises would put up with the abysmal managing of Bruce Bochy? How many cities would put up with the 3rd and 4th rate announcers like Ted Lightner and the bobbsey twins on Channel 4? Having watched games against Washington and San Francisco recently I saw the managerial team of the Giants up and very much into the game at key spots while Bochy sat with his legs crossed in the dug out appearing to be either bored or asleep. How long would Kevin Towers last in another franchise? His trades while not all bad are mostly 2nd rate. Good leaders are in the ball game all the time. Recently when Bochy came out to argue a call people around us laughed at him and said “throw the bum out.” These were San Diego fans. Why are there reports of discontent and resentment in the Padres club house? Could it be lack of leadership? Maybe Sandy Alderson is on the right track. It appears San Diego State finally has a competent AD and FB coach. Since coming here in 1992 I have been appalled at the incompetence of the Ad’s and particularly the FB coaching. Americas smartest, not, maybe America’s most complacent fans or America’s most uncaring fans.

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