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Friday, Aug. 18, 2006 | Re: letter to the editor, “Miramar a Pipe Dream,”

Mr. Moore, I would suggest you find out a little bit more about what is coming to Miramar. Yes, the F-35 will show up at Miramar someday but its initial deployment will not be here – neither will the MV-22. As the Marines begin deploying the F-35, Miramar will be come less and less relevant. Frankly, it’s not all that relevant today, the Marines and their supports would just like us to think so.

The Marines are sandbagging San Diego in the hopes they can pressure both the city and county of San Diego as well as Imperial County to pony up the money for a new base out in the desert (check the site that the airport authority was looking at) away from all the nagging issues that plague them here in San Diego – they want to be left along to conduct their business in privacy.

This is a flag waving issue – not an issue of economics or logistics to the Marine Corps.

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