Saturday, Aug. 19, 2006 | Thanks for the update on Doug Manchester’s Navy Broadway project.

However, as the public, city planners and elected officials struggle to participate in the planning process for this huge mystery development, they would do well to keep in mind that the California Coastal Commission has already made significant determinations regarding the property.

Due to significant ‘changed circumstances’ the CCC has determined in the last two months that the previous review and approvals regarding allowable development at Navy Broadway are no longer applicable, and that the planning process must start all over.

That means the old ‘federal consistency determination’ previously approved years ago by the Coastal Commission is no longer valid.

More importantly, the Coastal Commission has also determined that the project will require a Coastal Development Permits (CDPs) as well, meaning the city will have to review and issue new permits for any development on the site, regardless of federal government involvement.

In all likelihood, that means an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and full city planning and review process will be required, which will likely take many years.

Once again, city residents and the public have the under-appreciated Coastal Commission to thank for this much needed common sense approach to this important project and development.

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