Thanks to and for the opportunity to guest blog at Cafe San Diego – and to readers for responding. Since I stopped writing my weekly column (Cut to the Chase) in order to serve on the Planning Commission, I found I have a lot of pent-up writing that wants to come out!

So I’m hoping that will invite me back to address the questions I didn’t get to:

  • How would I change the city’s land use process?

  • Is the proposed Housing Element for the city’s General Plan a power grab by developers?
  • Aren’t environmentalists just as guilty at wanting special favors from politicians?
  • Please tell me more about the FAST Plan for new transit infrastructure (Financially Achievable, Saves Time)

In the meantime, I’m going to start my own blog at I get it installed, if you like photography as an artform, check out my photo gallery by clicking on travels.

Enjoy San Diego!


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