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Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2006 | In response to “Council Enemy of the Masses” August 20, Mr. Gibson makes excellent points. Mr. Maienschein’s letter to the U-T is just another example of denial.

Mr. Maienschein is continuing the council PR campaign to blame everyone else and accept no responsibility for their actions. Not one of them has said they made mistakes with their votes. They intentionally participated in a process to discredit Ms. Shipione. This is analogous to AA, which says until you accept responsibility for your actions you can not move forward. The council has not accepted any responsibility… it is always “the other folks made me do it.”

Each of the council members has done good things for their constituents, but for the city they have failed. They took an oath, but it appears oaths do not mean anything to this group…I guess they are just victims of their own actions.

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