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Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2006 | While the 50th Congressional District was created to make it a safe Republican district, Brian Bilbray’s re-election is hardly a sure thing.

Bilbray has settled back in Congress, voting as though he has a sinecure for life.

He took $140,000 in direct contributions from oil companies, then paid back the favor by voting to lift the moratorium on oil rigs off our coast. He voted to raise his own salary, and broke a campaign promise by voting for pork-barrel spending.

Voters aren’t happy with the GOP’s total control in Washington of the past six years, so it’s no wonder that Bilbray, a one-issue candidate, now wants to run on local issues. If he moves from his home in I.B., he might learn what the issues are in the 50th.

Voters don’t always vote as they’re supposed to. I wouldn’t write off Busby yet.

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