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Unfortunately, simplistic attacks are silly distractions to real debates about fundamental issues we face in the 21st century. But at least just to get off my chest:

Tom Shepard, if you don’t like our research about the city’s finances, then let’s have a real debate with real facts. Calling us a “labor-backed think tank” doesn’t raise the level of discourse and doesn’t advance a meaningful investigation about our city’s resources and needs.

CPI takes pride in our research because we believe facts matter. Our staff is talented and research methods are sound. If you want to debate those or provide alternative numbers, then do so and let’s have a real discussion.

If only we could have that kind of respectful, fact-based debate, this city would move forward and begin to address the real issues and concerns of the majority of San Diegans – nice neighborhoods, a home they afford, clean and healthy beaches and a job that pays them enough to make ends meet and live a decent life. (And for the record, CPI’s funding doesn’t come from labor unions. Look it up, it’s on our website


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