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Saturday, Aug. 26, 2006 | Re: “Disgruntled voters seeking an invalidation or recount…” wrote Daniel Strumpf. Well, some of us may look disgruntled to Strumpf, but how does he know we’re voters?

Prior to the election being certified, the House of Representatives swore in Brian Bilbray. And when somebody asked for a recount, Registrar of Voters Mikel Haas demanded a $6,000 deposit before he would even say which documents he might release. What sort of public servant demands $6K but won’t say what you’ll get for your money?

The votes were counted secretly by uncertifiable, easily hacked machines that were not secured in compliance with the Secretary of State’s directives. In Ohio a hand recount found that voting machines had “flipped the vote,” giving the highest vote totals to the two people who had gotten the fewest votes. If not for a conscientious elections official, nobody would have known the truth.

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