A spokeswoman at the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce clarified an announcement the business group made last week regarding its endorsement of an immigration bill.

The chamber announced it was supporting Senate bill 2611, which is the omnibus immigration bill that competes with a more stringent House-approved proposal.

In fact, the group endorsed a different immigration bill, Senate bill 2691, known as the “SKIL Act,” which was incorporated into the Senate’s comprehensive plan. The SKIL Act affords highly educated immigrants, such as those working in the local biomedical and telecommunications industries, the ability to more easily obtain a visa or green card and to stay in the United States for a longer period of time.

The chamber-backed bill does not deal with a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants or funding for border enforcement. The chamber intends on taking a stance on those immigration issues and others this fall, spokeswoman Rachel Laing said.


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