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Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2006 | Re: Rob Davis‘ article about the arguments over Miramar.

The airport authority spent $17 million for a recommendation that they have rejected and have put before the voters a ballot measure that requires further explanation of what they actually meant to say. After reading Rob’s breakdown of the ballot arguments, it seems to me that the proposition interpreted to what the authority now means it to say would read…”shall the airport authority lobby to ask the Department of Defense reconsider its strategic requirements and move its jets from the master jet base at Miramar in such a way that it won’t impact their readiness and paid for by San Diego Taxpayers so San Diego can build a commercial airport in such a way that it won’t impact natural habitat or surrounding communities in any way.” I would like to see the design of such an airport, with all those constraints I’m not sure it would be any better that what we have now.

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