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Thursday, Aug. 31, 2006 | Am I missing something? I thought the City Charter already provided for governmental structure and municipal officers – e.g., mayor and council, auditor, city attorney, etc., – that we taxpayers fund, and assigns all necessary duties that pertain, which form of government functioned just fine for the last 100 years or so, until recent criminals corrupted a perfectly working system.

If one of the tires on my truck goes flat, I don’t have a third axle installed and add two more wheels and leave the wheel with the flat tire in place. In my opinion, it is the refuge of the lazy to add another bureaucracy instead of just doing the [expletive] job they’re paid to do themselves. If Mr. Aguirre wants to assume additional roles for no extra charge and will work nights and weekends to get them done – because the other elected and appointed officials prefer to delegate and dope-off – I say let him try, unless the Union-Tribune or some other Kroll-rooter wants to pony up the $45 million to pay for the third axle … yeah, I didn’t think so.

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