The Major League Baseball All-Star Game will be in San Francisco in 2007, and in an American League ballpark in 2008. We’re curious whether a game will be coming to San Diego in 2009 or beyond. Sorry to say, we don’t have a full answer for you, but we do have some tidbits.

We first contacted city ballpark administrator Dennis Gibson’s office to ask whether the Padres and MLB had discussed bringing the game to San Diego.

We didn’t hear back from him, but rather from George Biagi, a spokesman for Mayor Jerry Sanders, who was pretty excited about the idea. He said the mayor would send a letter to the MLB Commissioner Bud Selig if the Padres thought it would help.

Padres spokesman Jeff Overton later said the Padres had expressed interest to MLB about bringing an All-Star Game to San Diego, but had not yet made any sort of formal proposal. He also said the Padres are interested in bringing the next World Baseball Classic to Petco Park in 2009.

MLB Spokesman Pat Courtney said he didn’t know when Selig would make an announcement about either 2009 event, but said that San Diego has proved that it could handle an All-Star Game.

“Having been there for the World Baseball Classic, where they were phenomenal hosts, obviously the city showed it could handle something like that,” Courtney said.

If you have the ear of Major League Baseball and know something we don’t, drop us a line.


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