Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2006 | Well, Ms. Lind, in regard to your letter, “Choosing Profits Over All Else,” let me say that I have lived in Carmel Valley for some time. I don’t know the firm, Leslie Farms. Never heard of them. But, I have heard of the illegal alien encampments in the many valleys, nooks and crannies here. I was shocked to hear the extent and the exact nature of the threat of fire posed by these squatters.

I therefore don’t care what Leslie Farms does or does not do. I don’t care what your opinion is of them, except to the extent I feel that every person guilty of enabling these squatters should be prosecuted. They won’t be and that says volumes. Will it take a repeat of the Crest Fire to show the incompetents at city hall the danger these squatters pose? Why isn’t ICE out here to round them up and take them to the border to be shoved across?

Why am I paying taxes to suffer this insanity?

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