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We’ve gotten a hold of a number of the business representatives who sit on the San Diego County Taxpayers Association board:

  • Mike McDowell, from Atlas Hotels and the Lodging Industry Association, said he supports the initiative to put the airport at Miramar and voted accordingly at the association’s meeting Wednesday.
  • David Hicks, spokesman for the South Bay Power Plant and LSP South Bay, said the vote at the taxpayers association was private and he wouldn’t talk about it.
  • Andrew Berg, from the National Electrical Contractors Association, said he did vote on the issue but wouldn’t tell us what he decided.
  • Peter MacLaggan, from Poseidon Resources Corp., declined to comment. “The board’s decision speaks for itself,” he said.
  • Jeff Marston, the political consultant from Marston & Marston, said he abstained from the vote because he has done work for ASAP 21, the airport authority’s booster. He said he, like many others, is simply confused about the issue: both sides seem to have compelling arguments.

“This is one of the messiest issues I’ve ever dealt with,” Marston said.

We’ll keep calling.


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