In its headline and first three sentences of its lead editorial from last Thursday, my friends at the sometimes dispassionate and decorous U-T Editorial Board salted in the following words describing that municipal menace, (no, not Zorro), Michael Aguirre:

“dubious,” “dangerous,” “inflate … power,” “self-serving,” reckless[ness],” “not … serious,” “highly politicized,” “scheme,” “inflating [his] power,” and “rash.”


That in just three sentences!

You can almost smell the sulfuric flames rising from the parchment upon which those words were written.

Not since Robin called out to Batman with his aphoristic introductory treasures, (e.g., “Holy embellishment, Batman…”) have we seen such evocative amplifications; and, in such great numbers!

Preposterous for a Pulitzer prizewinner?

A veritable feast for verbivores.


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