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Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2006 | As the recently retired president and CEO of the American Association of Museums, I point to an error in your article about the impending non-profit leadership deficit. AAM is currently in a very thoughtful and professional search process but has not yet selected my successor.

Also, I want to add my voice to those calling attention to this “crisis” and, in my view, it is a crisis. I have had a bird’s eye view of the state of the nations “independent sector” in my role as president of AAM. The crisis is national in scope and permeates the entire non-profit community – including museums. I refer your readers to the Chronicle on Philanthropy which recently published an article giving in-depth analysis to this challenge and the causes which have precipitated it. Among other causes, the Chronicle cites “CEO burn-out” as a great contributor. I must admit that even in my own case, I have some concerns about taking another full-time CEO position after 35 demanding years as a non-profit CEO. A consulting practice looks very tempting.

Community leaders should take special notice of this situation as should the private funders of our nation’s non-profits.

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