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Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2006 | Thank you for the nice article on the recent port district meeting. As a long time National City resident, I totally favor the location of a new stadium in National City. For too long, the port district and other bayfront cities have used National City as a dumping ground for dirty industry that interfered with their desire for recreation and tourist use of the bayfront. This has resulted in beautiful, recreational development in these other cities. National City fronts on the bay and has zero bayfront for the use of its residents! What other bayfront city enjoys that?

Finally here is a proposal that would help make National City at least in the same ballpark as San Diego, Coronado, and Chula Vista re: non-maritime use of their port property. Naturally, the maritime workers and their unions are against anything except their self serving interests and loudly oppose the proposal. What is lacking here is the voice of the public who may be interested in a higher and better use for this land near the bay. I hope the port district and other political players will put the question in front of the voters and let the public speak.

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