Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2006 | Typical union response. Deny, deny, deny, make counter accusations, attack, attack, attack!

How convenient, now Italiano has been serving as the MEA president for free all these years? How does working for free as a payroll clerk add up to a six figure retirement and in turn lead to another six figure salary? Sounds a little bit like “double dipping?” To my knowledge it was never mentioned that she was serving as a general manager … that is, until now? Something stinks. She wasn’t doing city business but San Diego taxpayers are footing the bill for her insanely exorbitant retirement package and now her $120,000 GM salary. And let’s not overlook the $240,000 for the MEA attorney (big risk). The blind loyalty to Italiano and the MEA is frightening, and frankly somewhat “Big Brother[ish].”

Anyone who chooses can see that this problem goes well beyond the boundaries of the MEA. People all over the country are growing tired of the same old union line while union fat cats feeding at the trough of the poor they claim to represent. Anyone who believes Italiano is in this for anyone but Italiano and her family business is at the very least misguided. Perhaps you do protest too much? A moment of introspection may be in order?

San Diego taxpayers deserve to know the truth about the city employees who fill union positions, do union work, all the while collecting a taxpayer funded paycheck. The union likes to call it “release time.” Either way San Diego taxpayers are funding the MEA.

A reminder to those who vocally disagree with the union. Angering the union is risky business. So, I applaud those who have the courage to speak out against the repressive tactics employed by union diehards. The fact of the matter is that there is undeniably an “implied gag rule” in effect.

And, according to Mr. Mangual’s assertion, Italiano should have retired with a payroll clerk retirement. So I must disagree that she didn’t receive some sort of sweetheart deal. I don’t know for sure but I don’t recall any other payroll clerks retiring with a six figure retirement package.

In any case, being force fed a “free lunch” doesn’t make it any more palatable. And, what’s wrong with living in TJ? Is that supposed to suggest that all people living in TJ are somehow less than?

So much for looking out for the poor and downtrodden. Be careful your union motives and colors may show through. At least they got part of the name right, MEA.

It will be very interesting to see how the MEA fares after Propositions B and C pass. Time to watch the fur fly!

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