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Yesterday port officials listened to the city of National City’s proposal that property within that city’s boundaries – but on state tidelands – and thus under port control be considered for different uses then at present, which would include a new Charger stadium.

I am writing this prior to the actual meeting results being known, but I assume the results will be similar to the results when an interest was raised about two years ago, for a joint use of the port’s underutilized 10th Avenue terminal, for a possible site of a Charger Stadium.

The port tenants, self proclaimed as the “working waterfront” will jam the meeting, taking up most of the space and much of the time allowed for public comment to defend their uses of this public asset.

Labor will fill the chamber and will be vocal individuals, who will cheer as their leaders use insults in the place of facts.

And an open discussion will be stifled.

Two years ago the commissioners voted to not allow any further discussion by any commissioner or port staff member on any reuse of this public asset, at any time in the future … I found this almost unbelievable for a group with fiduciary responsibilities and in occupying a place of public trust and so voted against it.

So, it was nice to see that the port had at least extended the courtesy to one of their member cities to make a presentation Tuesday.

But I would certainly think the presenters will have had a tough day. I sure hope I’m wrong – e-mail me at pqd@aol.com and let me know.


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