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This is a must watch.

But a colleague and I can’t get over one simple fact: Here’s this Fox 6 news reporter getting the @#% kicked out of him and the cameraman (I’m shamelessly assuming it’s a -man) just keeps right on rolling without, I don’t know, helping his reporter?

And on the same note, if the situation was as “terrifying” as they say – which, I don’t necessarily doubt – wouldn’t the cameraman either help or perhaps run away?

Truth is, this is the best story Fox 6 could have ever hoped would slap it in the face and the cameraman knew it.

I’ll say this now: If one of our reporters ever gets clocked in the face like that in front of me, I’ll definitely put down my laptop.

Update: That was just a joke but now that I think about it more, I wonder if I really would have put my laptop/camera down. After all, that attacker’s wife was walking around screaming. If the cameraman puts his camera down, he’s got to know it’s going to get crushed by this person who has already thrown water on it. That’s a high price to pay to jump in a wrestling match knowing that you might not be able to do much to help.

OK, now I’m not so sure. I’ll quiz some broadcast friends today and see what they say.


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