Thursday, Sept. 7, 2006 | I haven’t bothered to read the MEA propaganda against me because I know, from experience the kind of overblown rhetoric that is generally used, which I assume is the result of needing to demonize those who question their tactics so they can avoid answering the questions.

Mayor Sanders sent out an ethics survey, and it is interesting to me that MEA has advised their members not to respond because the survey, according them, is an attack against city employees.

I have finished the survey and there is nothing on it that is an attack against employees or the union. On the contrary, it asks for observations of ethics conduct at every level of city from top management down.

It is this kind of misinformation that causes me to doubt anything that MEA tries to tell me on any topic. City employees should take advantage of an opportunity to provide feedback to city leadership that is showing itself open to comment.

Why would MEA be afraid of the results of the ethics survey?

Why is MEA afraid of anything that might be a change – perhaps for the better?

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