The City Council decided to delay its decision today on a police officer’s labor grievance in order to wait for the City Attorney’s Office to issue a legal opinion on the matter.

After making a motion to deny the grievance Monday, Councilman Jim Madaffer said he wanted to continue the issue until City Attorney Mike Aguirre weighs on the legal issues surrounding the officer’s dispute.

Madaffer, Council President Scott Peters and Councilmen Tony Young and Kevin Faulconer said they expected to have been provided the legal advice they needed in order to vote on the grievance.

“I would just say that this is the type of thing we’d expect to get legal advice on,” Peters said.

Personnel Director Rich Snapper said he had requested a legal opinion in writing, but that a deputy city attorney assured him that the office would answer any questions at the council meeting. But the deputy city attorney advising Snapper said at the meeting that she could not provide the council with a legal opinion because she was already advocating Snapper’s side of the story against the police officer.

The council is slated to revisit the grievance Sept. 25.


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