The Washington Post had an interesting article yesterday about Edy Diaz, a Guatemalan native and undocumented immigrant, and the life he’s lived under an assumed identity.

Diaz spent more than a decade living and working in the shadows before becoming a legal resident. But like many of the estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants believed to be living in America, he enjoyed a pretty normal life in Washington D.C.

Diaz held a steady job, paid taxes, got a drivers license, bought a car, married another Guatemalan immigrant, had a family, and bought a house with the help of a naturalized cousin.

He was able to do all of that after obtaining a fake social security number, which he recently traded in for an authentic one.

At the local office in Wheaton, the processor mentioned something that astounded him: Diaz could roll over his earnings and history associated with the old Social Security number into the new one. “What a country we live in, no?” Diaz asked.

What a country indeed.


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