Inventory in downtown condos dipped just after Labor Day, but was up to 548 units on the resale market today, according to data pulled from the Multiple Listings Service by downtown Realtor Lew Breeze.

I haven’t posted his data for a few weeks, but you can click here to check out Lew’s blog and see the data from Sept. 7 and 13. (Click here to read the most recent data I’d posted, from August 30.)

The average and median prices for downtown condos have been trending up for the last three weeks, reaching levels this week of $751,217 (average) and $602,400 (median). Those numbers are down 5.48 percent and 7.32 percent, respectively, from the beginning of the year.

Breeze also started including “trimmed” average prices in his weekly report – averages with the 15 highest and 15 lowest listings removed from the data. That left him with 518 units, the average price of which was $689,153 this week. (The 15 highest-priced condos he removed were priced at $2 million or more.)

In the last 30 days, 30 units were pending sale and 32 condos closed sale.


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