When airport industry experts met here in May to review the airport authority’s site selection program, they were treated to a $1,681.29 dinner at Rainwater’s, courtesy of the authority.

The peer review group included a University of California, Berkeley transportation engineering professor, three airport directors, a former chief of the Federal Aviation Administration, an airline official and 10 authority officials.

In all, 18 people attended. Dinner for each cost $93 on average.

With the prior approval of authority President/CEO Thella Bowens, the participants were allowed to drink alcohol on the authority’s nickel. They spent $163.75 on drinks: $60 on wine, $99 on liquor, $4.75 on beer.

They dined on $39 pepper filet, $35 calves liver, $41 dover sole. The $31 halibut was a popular option; three people ordered it. Someone ordered a $6.50 “med water.”

They left a $280 tip.

The bill, the list of attendees and supporting documentation, which voiceofsandiego.org obtained through a California Public Records Act request, are available here.


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