Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and leaders across the state have embraced a series of infrastructure bonds that they promise will help us build the kind of roads, transit systems and water delivery facilities we need to support California’s economy and our quality of life.

But if passed, they will also add to the taxpayers’ debt burden tremendously. Tuesday, in a Café San Diego first, two well known local taxpayer advocates will debate Proposition 1B and Proposition 84.

Lani Lutar, president and CEO of the San Diego County Taxpayers Association, supports both measures and will argue for passage of them.

Richard Rider, head of San Diego Tax Fighters, opposes both measures and he will do his best to convince you to oppose them.

Proposition 1B will add $19.9 billion to the state’s debt burden but supporters promise it will provide a number of different improvements to roads, mass transit systems and safety measures.

Proposition 84 is a $5.4 billion bond measure that, if passed, will be used to support a variety of water supply projects and environmental measures.

Again, this is a Café San Diego first. We hope to do many like it as Election Day approaches. Let me know what you think.


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