Thursday, Oct. 5, 2006 | Regarding the “Airport Mailer” buzz: Haven’t the citizens had enough of this folly? I still have an airport authority pamphlet I picked up while I was waiting in a long line at Lindbergh Field a couple of years ago. It was a line for the shoeshine concession, not a travel service. That pitiful 4-color message was the Airport Commission’s invitation to come to their debutant ball. It carried the same preplanned, phony, shallow predictions of airport disaster leading to regional economic failures that fill the pages of their latest paper infomercial. Well, it’s a little different now: They want to continue the march and get paid to lobby for their cause, not just study the possibilities. Can’t we just fire these idiot tax thieves and vote? How many more of our tax dollars are going to be “Rob Reinered” down this porcelain depository? And, just where are the folks today who cooked up the airport authority idea in the first place? Follow the money trail.

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