Thursday, Oct, 5, 2006 | (In re: Rolland on objectivity, today)

News, defined: A story, told by an observer, from a perspective, subject to control by editors, to a selected public, in a timely context.

If objectivity is reduced to mean a mere discourse of conflicting points within a story framework, then all journalism becomes is a rote list of abstract conflict between rhetors. Better is the form used by historians, who clearly describe their perspective before paying scrupulous attention to as many relevant elements as they may discover, to that which they describe and report. ESPRESSO, San Diego’s Coffeehouse & Cafe Newspaper has followed this approach since 1992. It seems to work well – even if the old ladies of local journalism sniff contemptuously at it as they do to Rolland. It’s available in your local indie coffeehouse or at

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