Galaxie Management Inc., the defense company started by airport authority Chairman Joe Craver, has donated to fight the very ballot initiative Craver has championed.

The firm gave $250 to No on Prop A, the political action committee that opposes the Miramar vote.

This doesn’t mean that Craver, a Miramar supporter, has had a change of heart. Peter Hedley and Vincent Lawrence bought Craver out in January.

Hedley is president of the San Diego Military Advisory Council, a group that has helped lead the public fight against the Miramar initiative. SDMAC is the group that brought the secretary of the Navy and other high-ranking speakers here to rail against the Miramar proposal.

Craver and Hedley, long-time business partners, say no rift exists between the two men.

Hedley said this about his opposition: “It’s a national defense issue. … Those are real needs – over the wants, in my view, which were less than well-substantiated to have the Marines leave Miramar. It’s a philosophical difference I had with the previous owner. We have maintained the most civil relationship notwithstanding.”

Craver said this: “We are absolutely on the best of terms. I cherish Pete as one of my very, very best friends.”


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