Regarding my post this morning about legendary coach and commentator John Madden’s compliments of Qualcomm Stadium, I’ve gotten a few interesting emails.

Here’s reader BH:

It’s amazing how much buzz exists around town this morning about Madden’s banter on the condition of the field/stadium. I think people hear what they want to hear. Whether or not folks think Qualcomm is a good stadium, it is not likely to house a NFL franchise into the future. It would be a shame if we kidded ourselves into thinking that Qualcomm is ok because John and Al continue to say so on television.

What do you think?

I truthfully don’t think Madden was talking about the quality of Qualcomm Stadium. I think he was tapping into what a lot of people have thought when they’ve uttered similar statements about the Mission Valley facility: There’s something nice about playing football there. It’s autumn. It’s almost always clear and comfortable. It just feels good outside.

They like being here for games.

I do too.


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