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Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2006 | Watching the City Council hearing on the new freeway through a state park in San Diego was exasperating.

Listening to Ben Hueso pathetically explain that going on record opposing the freeway might reduce funds for his district is a real stretch.

Kevin Faulconer and Tony Young saying they needed more information after the extensive hearing was almost as pathetic. Why didn’t they ask?

That the Orange County concrete crowd would come to San Diego and prevail upon our City Council not to weigh in on a plan to ruin a park (San Onofre) and beach (Trestles) entirely within San Diego shows the lack of regard Madaffer, Maienschein, Faulconer, Young and Hueso have for the environment.

I camped at San Onofre last month, but I won’t return even for a hike if the freeway is put through the park.

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