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As long as we’re on the Chargers search for a new stadium, here’s a point: I still can’t quite figure out what really happened yesterday.

You might know that I’ve been predicting for a while that the stadium debate would ultimately land in National City along the bay.

How it actually gets to that point may be more interesting than I had imagined.

The port commissioners, having at first expressed skepticism about putting a football stadium next to the bay, sends Commissioner Steve Cushman to study the idea.

Here’s how he understood his job:

My directions were to ascertain if a Charger stadium could be placed on the Port’s 52 acres and under no circumstances could it affect our maritime mission or the elimination of any jobs.

Sounds like a difficult job. Judging from my email inbox after I wrote about this last month, many businesses in the port district are adamantly opposed to putting a Charger stadium there. To determine that they are off base with their concerns seems like quite a chore. But Cushman apparently did it in 30 days.

I believe a stadium could be placed on this property and our maritime mission and our jobs related thereto are secure.

How did he figure that out? I’m calling him to see.


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