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Monday, Oct. 16, 2006 | Regarding Daniel Strumpf‘s article on Francine Busby, I think it is ridiculous to say she doesn’t have the gravitas to represent the district in Washington.

She isn’t the lobbyist who currently represents the district, and who claims residency in Virginia, as well as Imperial Beach and his mother’s home in north San Diego County. He looks like he lacks ethics.

And, if you compare Busby with the former representative, Cunningham, the gravitas argument makes you fall on the floor laughing – did you see his letter to the Union-Trib? Now THAT lacked gravitas. And think how long he represented the district. Busby will bring strong leadership of the kind the people want in a district long lacking gravitas.

Busby will bring hard work and ethical representation back to Congress, and not the Tuesday through Thursday presence the current Congress promotes.

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