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Monday, Oct. 16, 2006 | Criticism of the San Diego County Airport Authority for its mailer regarding how to meet the region’s long-term air transportation needs is wrong and strikes me as politically motivated.

As I testified at Senator Christine Kehoe’s hearing last week, the agency must let the public know what the issues are and why it matters to them. It would be a terrible oversight to put a measure on the ballot and not educate the public about the what and the why, as long as there is no call to vote a certain way.

In my testimony, I added that when I was a member of SANDAG, we sent out four such mailers regarding the proposed TransNet extension. After three decades in public office and public service, I know that those mailers, as well as the authority’s mailer, were critically important.

Critics of the airport authority need to stop questioning this mailer. It is very appropriate and necessary.

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