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Why does Lindbergh need another runway? The graph of FAA data shows 15 years of “operations” at Lindbergh Field. I believe the VP for Strategic Planning of the SDCRAA when she says that large annual fluctuations are to be expected, and we should look at the long term trends. (Note that the last downturn started well before 9/11/01).

While I greatly respect my opponent’s opinion about Marine and Navy aviation training needs, I must defer to the current naval leadership with respect to the unique importance of Miramar to current military readiness. We note that the U.S. Congress believes our training complex … with Miramar a key element … to be “singularly unique and necessary.”

My opponent has presented some alternatives to Miramar.Without detailed study no one can say whether they make sense. But, doesn’t the ballot language say: “…provided…military readiness are maintained without expense to the military for relocating or modifying operations…”? Is the SDCRAA the expert on today’s military flight operations, and will they pay for the move?

Why should the voters of San Diego agree to a plan that depends totally on the hypothetical departure of the Marines from Miramar?


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