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Everybody agrees that it’s never too early to plan for the future. But planning based on faulty assumptions or betting on the roll of the dice are usually disastrous. The SDCRAA has simply not made a good case for kicking the Marines out of Miramar.

Proponents of Proposition A would have San Diegans put all other options for growing our air transportation capacity on hold while the SDCRAA pursues a course of action based on some hoped-for and purely hypothetical decisions by the federal government and the Marines some time in the future.

Proposition A compromises military readiness. Dual use at Miramar is UNSAFE. A commercial airport at Miramar will exacerbate traffic congestion and do nothing to improve our economy.

The San Diego County Taxpayer’s Association says: “There is NO evidence that an economic crisis will occur in San Diego if we continue to rely on Lindbergh Field.”

Yes, I agree with Mr. Chalker’s suggestion. It’s time the Marines got a seat on the SDCRAA (or whatever it will become next year) and were allowed to help explore the reasonable options for better air transportation that the old SDCRAA has ignored.

Support Our Marines! Vote NO on Proposition A.


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