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Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2006 | I really would like to vote for Francine, but I would like to know exactly what her stand is on this illegal immigration problem. I don’t think it is fair to let these people become citizens when they have broken our laws getting here, not paying taxes on their income (most are being paid in cash and sending tax free money back to Mexico). Getting bilingual education on our tax dollar, get free medical care at our hospitals and I could go on and on. Our son married a lovely lady from Samoa. She was born in Western Samoa so was not an American citizen. It took her seven years to finally become a citizen. She did all the paper work necessary and did everything that was required of her to become one. They kept losing her paperwork and just took their time in getting the paperwork done. She speaks and writes fluent English. She passed her Citizenship test with a 100 percent grade! Now is this fair to let someone come, work, get free medical care, free bilingual schooling over someone like her? Also, all my ancestors came from Europe and had to have someone sponsor them, they all learned English without special schooling, no government aid, and they became citizens the correct way. Our country is being invaded by these law breaking people. Something has to be done soon or we will soon be another corrupt country like Mexico. I would definitely vote for her if she would state that these illegal people must return to their own countries and if they want to become citizens they have to go through the same regular channels as the legal ones have done.

I would like to hear what her feelings are on these matters without skirting around this matter. What steps does she plan on taking regarding this problem?

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